Morning Open Access Clinics

This is a morning only service where you have to register in person between 08:00 and 10:00 and wait in order of arrival to be seen. We have clinicians available at all sites to ensure everyone is seen on the same day.

When to use Open Access

  • unwell patients who feel that waiting for a bookable appointment will be detrimental to their health
  • any illnesses or infections that have not improved with self-care remedies, after visiting the chemist, or worsening faster than expected.

Any babies/ children that parents are worried about due to acute illness and not improving after trying appropriate NHS advice (see When Should I Worry Leaflet)

  • Chronic problems that need a doctor’s attention and waiting for pre-bookable appointments will deteriorate the condition.
  • Urgent medication queries unsolvable over the phone or with reception (not repeat requests or simple authorisations, medications reviews)
  • You called 111 and they told you to attend the practice in a certain amount of time

When to consider not using Open Access

  • You have acute onset chest pains, shortness of breath or palpitations which are not settling within 10-15 min, please go to A&E
  • You feel acutely unwell, can’t keep fluids or food down and are dehydrated, call 111 or go to A&E
  • You feel you have a fracture that requires Xray immediately (we can’t refer same day)
  • You have an eye infection or eye minor injury, or foreign body, please access Minor Injury Services via Opticians:
  • When you need a Sick certificate/MED3 after being in hospital/seen by other services or if you need an extension, just ask reception, we can sort it without you waiting for a clinician.
  • You need a prescription renewal or a medication review (this is a routine non urgent need and you can use our websites or using the NHS app)

We have pre-bookable face to face and phone appointments in the afternoon. Our staff have been trained by the GPs to ask all kinds of simple medical questions so they can assess and advise on your needs.